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Lodging Options in National Parks

There are more lodging and camping options for explorers bound for national parks than ever before. Anyone exploring national parks, state parks, or just overlanding has way more options than ever before. There are 5 great lodging options you can use to explore national parks: Camping Rooftop Tents Hipcamp Airbnb / VRBO Hotels / Motels

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why is death valley so hot

Why is Death Valley so Hot?

California is home to both some of the hottest and coldest places in the US, but Death Valley truly takes the cake when it comes to heat! In fact, Death Valley has routinely been called the hottest place on earth in the summer months. Even in the winter, things don’t get comfortable for all but

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National Parks Facts & Statistics

Where else can you see the pride and glory of the incredibly unique terrains of the United States than the National Park system? With 85 million acres in National Parks in every state and US territories, visitors can experience and enjoy the beauty of nature in pristine condition. Wilderness preserved for today and the future

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